Machinery Auctions

We are The Auctioneering Co Western Australia..
A Specialist Machinery & Equipment Auctioneer. Onsite Clearance Experts.

Valuations & Auctions for Industrial, Commercial,
Agricultural, Retail, Hospitality And More.

Real Estate Auctions

We are The Auctioneering Co. Western Australia.
An Auction Specialist for Traditional & Online Real Estate Sales.

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While we have adopted the appropriate health precautions, We Encourage Business Operators & (future) Sellers, in particular, to contact us now: 'Phone 040 222 6444

    Our key objectives

    • Respect the Client’s Wishes.
    • “The Job’s Not Done Until the Job’s Done”.
    • Think Outside the Box & Make It Even Better.
    • Aim To Be Better Than Last Time.
    • Use 5 Generations of Experience.

    Communication Counts!

    • Be Available & Responsive.
    • Friendly, Knowledgeable & Positive Manner.
    • Client & Target Market Updates as Required.
    • Accurate, Ethical & Persuasive Wording.

    Non Machinery Auction Tasks

    • Live “OTFL” & Online, Real Estate auction – Experienced & Trained.
    • Inventory & Valuation Assignments Statewide.
    • Interim & Project Management.

    Auction Strategy

    • Redistribute Assets & Opportunities.
    • From “Cluttered,” to a “Clear” Site.
    •  Hands On Duties by Auctioneer.
    • Prepare & Manage a Flexible Plan.
    • Communicate Regularly With Sellers & Buyers.

    Real Estate Auctions

    • Live “OTFL” & Online
    • Experienced & Trained.

    What we can do for you

    Congratulations on finding our web site, we trust that you will find it informative.

    In some parts of this site you’ll see references to TACWA (the initials of the company name) – rest assured, it’s still the team at The Auctioneering Co. (Western Australia)!

    As a potential buyer and or seller of industrial or commercial plant and equipment assets, keep up to date with what is happening in our business that could be of benefit to you.

    Please “follow” our business pages on Instagram,     Facebook     and     LinkedIn      so that our updates will appear on your own pages.

    If you – or someone you know of – needs to dispose of assets (Plant, Machinery, Vehicles, Warehouse Equipment, Retail or Hospitality, Agricultural Clearances,   just to name a few categories), ……

    then you are in the RIGHT PLACE!

    We focus on Clearances Onsite where there’s a definite need to sell – and change a potentially “Cluttered” site into a “Clear” usable site.

    However, in 2020, we extended our range of services when our lead auctioneer also became a “certified Openn Negotiation auctioneer” associated with the innovative online “app”, assisting leading real estate agents get better results when selling real estate!

    By appointing us you’ll get the benefit of our vast experience in managing the complete auction & other asset remarketing  process in metropolitan and regional areas.

    Contact Us

    We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.