Out of Perth assignments accepted.

  • Whilst we are based in metropolitan Perth, we are willing and able to accept assignments in regional towns and rural areas of Western Australia!
  • It’s been suggested to us that agents without an inhouse auctioneer – may not want to use an auctioneer known to represent a competing local agency and therefore – would do well to appoint The Auctioneering Co. (Western Australia).

Why? Our lead auctioneer, Peter Holmes, is familiar with the REIWA code of conduct etc. but is totally independent and not directly linked with any agency.

  • Some centres we have regular reasons to travel to (with gavel) include Mandurah, Bunbury, Bridgetown, Denmark, Albany, Merredin, Northam, (Gt. Northern & Brand Highways to) Geraldton.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to check what arrangements we can make for you.

  • We suggest that to be able to share expenses between 2 or more auctions, agents are encouraged to “link up” auctions to be on the same or consecutive days.

We also suggest that IF an agent has a good relationship with another agency that also wishes to sell one or more of their client’s properties, then cooperate and “link up” as above. It’s probably best to “link up” non similar properties to get separate buyer pools so that some of them don’t “sit on the fence”!

By the way, we are also skilled at preparing and conducting “general” onsite clearance auctions throughout the state.

To facilitate an easier sale of the real estate – sometimes to allow the transition of industrial / commercial / agricultural properties to be subdivided for residential zoning and redeveloped, then we can also prepare a submission for and activate a clearance auction. (“Clearing sale” for you bushies!)

The downloadable info sheet available below gives extra information, so check it out.

Call Peter Holmes on 040 222 6444 to find out more.

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